Newport News Public Schools Student Membership

Committed to making sure that every child enrolled in NNPS is connected to the valuable and free learning resources available at the Newport News Public Library

All Newport News Public School students receive a FREE student library membership with the Newport News Public Library.  

Student accounts are created automatically and require no action on the part of the student or parent/guardian. The student will use their school ID number to access Newport News Public Library (NNPL) resources, such as checking out books, digital resources, or logging onto the filtered public computers in the library. 

NNPL's e-resources include digital books, audio books, magazines, streaming video and downloadable music. In addition, NNPL offers online educational and research resources for students in preschool through high school.  Access to the public library's e-resources will be especially useful for students who utilize virtual and hybrid learning.  

Students that already have an existing membership with NNPL will not receive a student membership. Parents have the option of opting out of the free NNPL membership by contacting their child’s school. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Q:  My child already has a library membership. Will they be issued a student membership, too? 

A:  No, if your child already has an NNPL membership, they will not be issued a student membership.  

Q:  Will my child be issued an NNPL physical library card? 

A:  No, your child will use their school ID number (their NN school’s lunch and library number) to access our library’s resources.  

Q:  What resources are available?

A:  Please explore these resources throughout our website.

Q:  What kind of library materials may my child check out?  

A:  Your child can check out up to five (5) juvenile or young adult reading level print books at one time. They can also check out our e-resources, such as e-books and e-audio books, either through our website using Overdrive’s Libby app or through the school system’s SORA app for Overdrive. Your child is not permitted to check out any adult materials of any kind, including non-print items such as, DVD’s, WiFi Hotspots, video games, or audio books on CD.

Q:  My child may need to check out more than 5 print juvenile or young adult reading level books, may need a DVD for school, or may need to read an adult level book from the NNPS Summer Reading List. What do we do? 

A:  Staff can make an exception for the checkout rules if the explanation is reasonable. But, you may also visit an NNPL branch at any time and upgrade your child’s account to a free All Access membership. This allows your child to check out up to 50 items, including up to 20 DVDs, and up to 5 video games in addition to all our e-resources and branch computer use. Juvenile All-Access memberships do not charge fines.  

Q:  Will my child be charged fines for turning books in late? 

A:  No, Student accounts are not charged fines. Please keep in mind that checked out items are automatically renewed on the due date up to 3 times, if there are no holds on the item (no one is on a waiting list for the item). If the item becomes over 30 days overdue, the replacement cost of the item is added to the student’s library account. If that happens, please talk to library staff and we will work with you to resolve the issue.  

Q:  Can I access my child’s Newport News Public Library account online in order to manage check outs and view holds?  

A:  Yes, go to and log in in the upper right hand corner using your child’s student ID number and PIN.  

Q:  Can my child use the Internet inside the branch?  

A:  Yes, your child is allowed filtered access from the computers in the branch. Printing is $0.20 per page for black & white and $0.50 per page for color. We also offer free Wi-Fi inside the branch but you must bring your own device.  

Q:  We are moving away from Newport News soon. Will my child still have access to his library account?  

A:  Student library accounts, if not updated, expire after one (1) year. If you are moving out of the state, please notify the library and return all items. Only Virginia residents may have an NNPL membership. If you are staying in the state, you can upgrade your child’s account to a free All Access Membership at any time by visiting a branch and presenting a photo ID.

Q:  I have further questions. What do I do?

A:  Please contact staff at any branch or email us at