Makerspace Overview Online Orientation

estimated time to complete this module: 15 minutes

Welcome to NNPL's Makerspace Overview Online Orientation! We're excited to see where your creativity takes you. Let's get started! You will need a working email address to submit your quiz at the end of each orientation module.

Everyone who uses the Makerspace must complete these steps in order to use NNPL equipment and spaces**:

  1. Watch this short introduction video
  2. Familiarize yourself with NNPL's Makerspace Policy and Library Behavior and Banning Policy
  3. Complete this quiz with a perfect score to demonstrate your understanding of our Policies and Procedures for use of the Library Makerspace. 

All Done? Great Job!

After completing the Makerspace Overview Orientation, now you can get started on the orientation for the equipment you'll be using for your project**: Visit the Makerspace Online Orientation Map to see which module you need to take next.

**Orientation to the equipment you want to use is required in addition to Makerspace Overview Orientation