Cricut Mug Press Orientation

estimated time to complete this module: 25 minutes

Welcome to NNPL's Online Makerspace Orientation to Cricut Mug Press!  Here you'll find information about the heat press machines available in our Makerspaces, and what you'll need to use them to bring your ideas to life. 

Before you get started, make sure you've completed our Makerspace Overview orientation. To complete this module, read through the overview thoroughly, watch the video playlist, and complete the review quiz. Ready? Let's go!

Part One: Get an overview of the machines and what supplies you need.

Part TwoWatch these videos on NNPL's YouTube channel to get familiar with Cricut Easy Press:

Part Three: When you're comfortable with the overview and the material covered in the videos, complete the Cricut Mug Press Orientation Quiz with a perfect score before contacting your branch to reserve the Makerspace. You will receive a copy of the Makerspace User Agreement at the branch at the time of your reservation that users are required to review and sign before the equipment and space are released for use.

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