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Posted on: May 7, 2020

2020 Teen Poetry Contest Winners

Poetry Contest Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the NNPL 2020 Teen Poetry Contest!

First Place
Coronavirus Life
By: Kayla Collins

Everyone was talking about clubs, parties and fun

but there’s no fun when fighting the virus called Corona

Its getting pretty mean

We’re stuck in the house ’cause we’re all quarantined

Where’s the fun in that?

Sitting watching crap

All that’s goin do is get us looking fat

Eating breads and cakes

Gettin fat and sassy

Lay off the milk or you’re gonna get  gassy

Hair not done

Nails not painted

When school was cancelled I almost fainted

I’m sad I can’t show people how I do the floss

There’s also no need for my pretty lip gloss

I’ll stay at home

in the streets I will not roam

taking care is my mood

I’ll eat lots of healthy food

Maybe camp out eating smores

Take pride in doing my chores

School is going pretty well

On the bad I will not dwell

No more hard tests

Everthing will work out for the best

Second Place

Molded Clay 
By: Joshua Felton

He made me once as molded clay,
I shall not mess it up,
His awe and wonder makes my day,
His love has filled my cup,

When I was shaped He spoke to me,
He told me of his love,
His goodness and unfailing mercy,
Created from above

As I matured I grew in faith,
I spoke to Him with trust,
For Hell would never be my fate,
In Him I put my trust

And now the Potter spoke to me,
To tell the world of Him,
And of His masterpiece was free,
To heal the world of sin

Third Place
The Beauty of Winter
By: Nia Felton

Winter is not filled with flowers growing
Nor is it full of sunshine glowing
Or a rainbow of leaves cascading to the ground
But it’s made of beauty designed to astound
Trees that are topped with a crown of snow
As adoring child faces admire from below
While angelic crystals fall from the sky
And the touches of fall say their final goodbye
Many overlook all winter has to bring
As they no longer hear the birds chirp and sing
But when I see traces of the season I love
I know it God’s work from way up above

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